This class is for All Beginners Including Bettors That Feel Lost and Don't Quite Know Where to Begin and for Bettors Wanting to Advance Their Skills. This class will give you opportunity to ask any question you feel like asking and also teach you the basics of football prediction and how to predict matches accurately.In this class we will be showing you all the areas that you need to take into account when developing your own football prediction system.
What's included?

1) How does soccer betting works ?
2) How to Earn Money from Soccer Betting ?
3) What is Value Betting ?
4) Basic Principle of Bookmaking
5) The Role of Odds Compilers
6) Secrets in Picking The Winning Team
7) Designing Your Own Prediction Model and SO MUCH MORE !

One month

NGN  5,000
TZS :  45,000
GHS:  120
UGX : 70,000
KSH:  2,000
ZAR:  250
ZMW:  450
USD: 50
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